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A bagel franchise is something that’s uncommon to most folks in the U.S. However, this industry is gradually growing in mainstream popularity especially with the birth of several bagel stores in several U.S. cities and towns.

Maryland is no exception, as it serves as the platform for Shmagel’s Bagels, an increasingly popular bagel brand in Ocean City. From its two locations, the brand is now opening its doors for aspiring entrepreneurs to grab a small bagel franchise opportunity and turn it into something huge.

If you’re interested to know how a Shmagel’s Bagels franchise can benefit you, stick around and read about some of the biggest reasons to run your own franchise store!

Benefits of Owning a Shmagel’s Bagel Franchise

1. Shmagel’s Bagels is a local success that’s ready for the big leagues.

If NYC is known for the best bagels, today is the perfect opportunity for Ocean City to shine in the bagel industry! Shmagel’s Bagels stores in Maryland has become a local community hangout area for people who love to spend time with friends over bagels.

Over time, this bagel store has earned its stripes as a dependable shop that sells fresh products. The growth of this brand has drawn a lot of customers, and it’s poised to attract much more.

As a franchise bagel shop for sale, Shmagel’s Bagels is offering you the chance to enjoy the steady expansion and financial returns at this early point in the bagel industry’s growth.

2. The bagel brand has a lot of exciting products.

Who knew that the traditional bagel can be enjoyed in so many different flavors and combinations? Shmagel’s Bagels offers fresh products in a wide range of flavors — Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Raisin Egg, French Toast Garlic, Jalapeño, Poppy, Pumpernickel Rainbow, Rye, Sesame, and Spinach Sun-Dried Tomato, to name a few. You may enjoy any of these products on its own or with cheese and spreads.

Meanwhile, other products that the bagel brand offers include Cream Cheese Bagels, Bagel Sandwiches, Bagelninis, and more specialties. Let your customers pair their favorite bagel with a hot cup of joe or a cool smoothie.

Check out the store menu for a complete list of products and offerings.

3. Bagels are prepared fresh daily.

Imagine the taste and smell of freshly baked bagels cooked to perfection. That alone is enough reason for customers to line up in your bagel store!

As a Shmagel’s Bagels franchise owner, you will commit to bake fresh bagels every morning. The goal is to please your customers so that they keep coming back for more and promote your bagel shop by word of mouth.

4. The business model of this franchise opportunity is solid.

As one of the top bagel franchises in the U.S., Shmagel’s Bagels has streamlined its business operations through the years. As soon as you commit to a bagel franchise, you get the following perks:

  • Exclusive access to recipes for all bagel products
  • Proper staff training to include cooking, serving, packaging, and other value-adding business skills
  • Complete marketing and branding resources to help you promote your small bagel franchise in your locality

Despite the variety of products, you can rest assured that your staff won’t be overwhelmed. You and your employees will receive the appropriate training and direction on how to set your bagel business up for success.

5. Shmagel’s Bagels is an affordable investment opportunity.

The company has already taken away the nitty-gritty section of having to do trial runs just to get the product and systems right. This is the reason why the bagel franchise cost for Shmagel’s Bagels is competitive and one of the lowest in the market.

That’s the beauty of franchises: you don’t have to start from scratch. All you need to do is pay the franchise fees, look for a good location, set up your store, and start selling. Sure, there will be marketing strategies that you need to plan out and operational kinks to iron out. However, bulk of the business operations has already been prepared ahead of time by the franchisor.

By investing in this bagel franchising opportunity, you can start running your first business in no time.

6. You can open up several stores in multiple locations.

With its low bagel franchise cost and the increasing popularity of the brand, you may probably consider opening more stores in several cities and localities. The good news is that you have the power to do so! A Shmagel’s Bagels store has just the right business size to set up shop in many locations within the same city.

7. You can offer catering services to expand your reach.

Unlike other franchises that limit your freedom in terms of business scope and location, running a Shmagel’s Bagels franchise opens your business up to catering opportunities. You may accept bulk bagel orders to be served in events, festivals, corporate functions, parties, and family gatherings.

Not only will this increase your sales figures significantly, but having a bagel catering business can also widen your clientele reach.

8. Americans love bagels!

Although the history of bagels harks back to Europe as early as the 14th century, the U.S. has widely embraced this delectable treat. From its humble beginnings as a plain but flavorful bread, the bagel has been revolutionized in many ways:

  • In the 1950s, bagels started being prepared in varying flavors such as smoked salmon and red caviar.
  • Bagels are being embraced as an alternate choice for breakfast toast, especially when paired with cream cheese and eggs.
  • These days, bagel bakeries are experimenting with the product in many ways such as sandwich combos and infused flavors.

From New York City to Maryland and more U.S. locations, bagels are slowly but steadily conquering the traditional American food scene. You will definitely want to take a bite out of one of the top bagel franchises in the country!

Grab the Opportunity to Run Your Own Bagel Franchise with Shmagel’s Bagels!

With a proven business model and a growing number of loyal customers, Shmagel’s Bagels should be a no-brainer choice when it comes to choosing the best franchise to run.

Eager to start your own bagel shop in your location? Start by filling out this inquiry form, so that we can respond with more information about this lucrative bagel franchise opportunity!

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