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It is an exciting time. You have finally done it and bought your first bagel shop. It is a dream come true, but now you have to get the shop ready for opening day.

Here are the 4 must-haves on your bagel shop equipment list.

1. Mixers

One of the most pieces of equipment you will need for your bagel shop is mixers for making the bagel batter. Your best bet is to go with industrial types of mixers with removable attachments. You can choose between stationary spiral mixers and tilt-over mixers, depending on how much dough you will need to make every day.

2. Bagel Dividers

As you plan out your bagel production line, you will soon realize the importance of dividers. With a single bagel divider you can slice and shape the dough. It is a like a mini assembly line that will make it so much easier to get thousands of bagels out every hour.

3. Bagel Kettles

One bagel-making essential that you might not think of right away is a bagel kettle. Bagel kettles are basically large steel pots that can hold boiling water for when you need to drop the bagels in boiling water to stimulate the dormant yeast and make them expand. When the bagel floats to the top of the water, all you have to do is pull the bagel out using a bagel scoop that helps drain away any extra water.

4. Ovens

And finally of course you will need ovens for the baking of the bagels. Most bagel bakers choose between rack style ovens or revolving ovens. You want to look for industrial sized ones that allow you to bake enough bagels for the day.

While these are your big ticket items, there are still a lot of other equipment you will need including refrigerators, sinks, and display counters, beverage coolers as well as dishes and storage containers.

Other important ingredients for a successful bagel shop are a good location, yummy bagels and dedicated employees.

You want to make sure you are setting up your shop in an area that is not oversaturated with bagel shops first off. And also choose a location with a good amount of parking and a steady flow of foot traffic throughout the day.

You should also master your bagel recipes before your grand opening as well. If you don’t have delicious bagel creations to offer your customers, you are not going to be able to build up that steady customer base that you will need to be successful.

And finally you will need enough staff to handle all the various jobs and various shifts. Clearly lay out all the daily responsibilities and figure out how many people you will need to cover all these duties. Choose new employees carefully. You will want them as dedicated as you are.

Advantages of Going with a Franchise

One thing to consider is that if you choose to join an already established franchise instead of going out on your own there are some definite perks.

What makes a bagel franchise a great investment is that it is generally an affordable business venture. While some franchises will run you in the millions to get up and running, bagel franchises tend to have more manageable franchise fees and overall costs.

In addition, breakfast foods like bagels really bring the community together. By opening a bagel franchise, you will be able to become a key figure in your local community, giving to those in need and helping out a special community celebrations. This is also a great way to build your brand and to give back to your loyal customers.

Another reason bagel franchises are so successful is that you have a strong franchise system and network to support you. While each individual franchise will vary a little in how much support they give you, all bagel franchises offer you training and an infrastructure to help you run your business. This is especially important if you have never owned a business before. From selecting your location to getting the shop up and running to helping with advertising campaigns and marketing, the franchiser offers you valuable resources.

One of the big reasons, a new franchisee might fail is because they try to do too much too soon. With a bagel franchise, you have a streamlined menu that is easier to master. It gives you the chance to perfect what you offer without getting overwhelmed. Then you can slowly add more things to the menu like lunchtime items such as sandwiches and soups.

Because bagel franchises are generally more affordable than other types of franchise and need less equipment and space, as a bagel franchisee, it will be a lot easier for you to buy and open multi-units which will even further secure your place in the bagel industry.

Most bagel franchises out there have a strong brand to offer their franchisees. This is important because customers are more likely choose to take their business to a brand they know and trust. Why build your own from scratch when you can be a part of an already established brand?

Consider Shmagel’s Bagels

Shmagel’s Bagels has two locations in Ocean City, MD and are looking to expand. We have plenty of franchising opportunities and will work closely with you to make sure your locations are a success. We offer a low cost of entry and reasonable fees. We will also provide plenty of support to help guide you. This is especially important if this is your first business venture.

Shmagel’s Bakery has been growing in leaps and bounds. Every year, more and more Americans are choosing bagels as not only their top breakfast food, but their favorite food all day long. Now is the perfect time to come join our family.

Don’t let you dream of being a bagel shop owner lay dormant any longer. Get started on the road to being your own boss today. Give us a call or send us a message today and find out more about our franchise program and what bagel shop equipment you will need.

Bagel Shop Franchising

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