7 More Tips for Creating Your Bagel Business Plan [Part 2]

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We couldn’t leave you with just one set of tips for creating your bagel business plan, so we’ve made a part two. Below you’ll read seven more tips and tactics that will help you create a strong bagel business plan. Be Aware of Your Competition In any business, you’ll find yourself with a handful of… Read more

The Three Best Places to Open a Franchise Bagel Shop in America & Why

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Believe it or not, the time is now to open a franchise bagel shop. The bagel business is large and in charge, and bagels are the preferred breakfast choice of champions. (Sorry, Wheaties.) Whether you are heaping on the cream cheese or prefer an eggs-and-bacon-sandwich concoction in the morning, a franchise bagel store is a… Read more

7 Little Known Benefits of Owning a Bagel Franchise

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Starting a bagel franchise is one of the wildest and most wonderful adventures you can embark on. Whether you are a savvy business owner looking to challenge yourself, or simply a bagel connoisseur looking to share your goodness with the world, a bagel shop franchise could be the next best opportunity for you. Bagels aren’t… Read more

Top Business Tips for Starting A Bagel Business

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So, you are thinking of starting a bagel business? You are in for a treat — and so are your customers. Bagels are well-loved by the young and old alike. Whether you eat bagels for the convenience factor or because of the childhood nostalgia, bagels are a great industry to be a part of. If… Read more

7 Things To Do Before You Buy a Bagel Franchise for Sale

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Owning a bagel franchise is an amazing venture that you can invest in. In fact, we at Shmagel’s Bagels are proud to say that our two bagel shops in Ocean City, MD are seeing a lot of growth and engagement with the community. As for the rest of the country, a 2018 survey revealed that… Read more

7 Definitive Reasons Why Franchises Succeed

Despite the growth and potential of franchise businesses, not everyone has an idea why franchises succeed. This may be the reason why the number of franchise establishments in the U.S. hasn’t budged much since 2007. It’s such a shame, since franchising is a missed opportunity by a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs. There are a lot… Read more

8 Undeniable Reasons to Invest in a Shmagel’s Bagel Franchise

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A bagel franchise is something that’s uncommon to most folks in the U.S. However, this industry is gradually growing in mainstream popularity especially with the birth of several bagel stores in several U.S. cities and towns. Maryland is no exception, as it serves as the platform for Shmagel’s Bagels, an increasingly popular bagel brand in… Read more