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There are tons of different bagel franchises across the country, and all of them claim that their bagels are the best. Not every bagel can be the best though, which is why I’ve narrowed down a list of the top six bagel franchises in America.

The following bagel franchises range from the far east coast to the far west coast, stopping at a few places in between. One thing they all have in common is that they all serve fresh, tasty bagels that keep customers constantly coming back for more.

Best Franchise Bagel Shops

Shmagel’s Bagels – Maryland

Shmagel’s Bagels currently has two locations, both of them being in Maryland. Customers can recognize their sign from a mile away thanks to their fun, brightly colored logo, which is a great representation of the fun, friendly environment that draws so many people into their shops.

They bake all of their bagels freshly each morning, offering unique flavors such as pumpernickel rainbow, spinach sun-dried tomato, and apple cinnamon. Things like their Bagelninis and Shmuffins differentiate them from other franchises because of their fun, catchy names. This, along with the rest of their business model, has allowed Shmagel’s Bagels to remain successful over time.

They have current franchise opportunities available too, so if you are looking to invest in a bagel franchise that has a friendly work environment, passion for bagels and breakfast foods, and affordable cost entry, check out Shmagel’s Bagels.

New York Bagel Café & Deli – New York and New Jersey

New York is known for their bagels, and New York Bagel Café & Deli is one of the franchises that locals come to for an authentic New York bagel. They have multiple locations both in New York and in New Jersey, and they take pride in creating franchise bagels without that run of the mill franchise bagel taste.

They use quality ingredients like powdered barley malt and allow their bagels to rest and ferment for twelve hours before dropping them into the kettle to boil. The time and care that they use to make these bagels is what sets this company apart from many others.

This company also has current franchise opportunities and offer great growth potential to anyone who decides to invest in them. They also offer 24/7 support to all of their franchises and are truly dedicated to helping new members of their team grow and succeed.

Crestline Bagel Company – Alabama

Crestline Bagel Company is a franchise with three locations across Alabama. They use natural local ingredients and age-old baking methods to produce tasty, authentic bagels that Alabama locals love and keep coming back for.

They have over twenty different bagel varieties to choose from, including mixed berry, green olive & pimento, and honey walnut. They even make cookies, cakes, and bones for your furry friend to enjoy!

While they are not offering any current franchising opportunities, they are hiring for a few different positions for their current stores, including restaurant manager.

Once Upon a Bagel – Illinois

Once Upon a Bagel is a Midwest bagel franchise with two locations in Illinois. This bagel shop is owned by the Once Upon family who actually have several other franchises including Once Upon a Grill and Once Upon a Deli.

What sets this franchise apart from so many other is the love and care that all of the food is made with. The Once Upon family has dedicated themselves to whipping up mouthwatering authentic bagels that will leave you craving more. They have a variety of cream cheese spreads to top your bagel with, along with a vast menu outside of bagels that includes things like specialty sandwiches, omelets, and burgers.
Although this is a franchise, they do not have any current franchising opportunities. Once Upon a Bagel, along with the other franchises this family owns, likes to keep things in the family. While this is unfortunate for those of you who have an interest in joining the Once Upon team, it does help maintain that authentic family owned environment in all of their locations.

Wholy Bagel – Texas

Wholy Bagel is a franchise with two locations, both of them located in Austin, Texas. They offer freshly made bagels and sandwiches along with a quirky, friendly vibe that fits the town of Austin perfectly.
This bagel shop also offers catering and group breakfasts and lunches, so you can enjoy their authentic New York bagels during a company meeting or at a party. They even offer a variety of seasonal pies, something that really sets them apart from all of the other bagel shops on this list.

This is a growing company and although they aren’t currently offering any franchise opportunities, they are accepting applications. If they continue to grow at the rate they’ve been growing at then who knows? Maybe there will be more franchising opportunities in the future.

Bagel Factory – California

We’re going to finish out this list on the west coast with Bagel Factory. This franchise has been operating for over forty years and has three locations in the Los Angeles area of California. They bring the authentic New York kosher bagel all the way across the country so that west coasters can enjoy it too.

They have a vast menu that includes not only more than twenty-five varieties of bagels, but also things like sandwiches, salads, soups, and other baked goods. The only downside to this shop is that they do not currently have any franchising opportunities available.


With so many bagel franchises out there, it’s hard to determine which ones really are the best and which ones only claim to be. There are plenty out there that are great.

If you have a passion for bagels, baking, breakfast foods, or any combination of those three things, investing in a bagel shop franchise could be a great money-making opportunity for you to find work doing something that you’re truly passionate about. While not every shop on this list has current franchising opportunities, Shmagel’s Bagels has the perfect combination of low investment costs with huge potential for growth and opportunity. Find out more about our franchising program here.

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