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Starting a bagel franchise is one of the wildest and most wonderful adventures you can embark on. Whether you are a savvy business owner looking to challenge yourself, or simply a bagel connoisseur looking to share your goodness with the world, a bagel shop franchise could be the next best opportunity for you. Bagels aren’t easy, we can tell you that for a fact. They are a specialty food in a specialty industry, and let us tell you: customers know what they want when it comes to a good bagel. But in a challenging industry, the reward is that much greater.

Whether you are skeptical about bagel franchising or you are already all in, there are a lot of benefits to owning a bagel franchise. Interested to know just what makes a bagel franchise so great? Keep reading!

Benefit No. 1: Bagels are a Niche Market.

Bagels are a great example of a niche market, and a food group right in the midst of the “specialty foods industry.” Most bagels shops are just that — they sell bagels, and not much else. Because bagels are so specific (not just breakfast or brunch spots, either,) there is a lot of clarity that comes with knowing what exactly your product is and what you have to offer the community.

Benefit No. 2: Specialize in the Niche.

The benefits don’t stop there — just because bagels are already a niche market doesn’t mean you can’t specialize even further. Do you want to provide traditional bagels? Gourmet bagels? Bagels to satisfy a particular type of dietary restriction or allergy? Owning a bagel franchise could be a really great way to connect your particular passions to a community that is just waiting to learn from you.

Benefit No. 3: Enjoy the Name Recognition

This is one of the greatest opportunities that come with owning a bagel franchise: name recognition. If your customer already recognizes your name and brand and trusts you, you have made a ton of ground already. One of the biggest reasons that small independent shops ultimately end up closing, it is because they can’t get their names out there. Marketing and advertising your product takes a significant amount of time, money, and energy, and it can be hard to do all of that and make great bagels at the same time.

Benefit No. 4: Capitalize on the Momentum

When your name and brand is established, you can focus on the product. Good products will sell themselves, especially if people already know they can come to you for quality bagels. A bagel franchise is one of your best ways to capitalize on a company’s momentum, whether that momentum is state-wide or nation-wide. But remember: it doesn’t matter how good your bagels are if your reputation is tarnished. So, keep a close eye on how your company’s name is regarded in the industry, and choose wisely when considering which bagel shops to franchise with.

Benefit No. 5: Specialize for your Customer.

Knowing your particular customer is one of the best ways you can serve your community. Who is most likely to frequent your shop? Is it the soccer mom looking for a quick and easy breakfast on Saturday morning? Is it someone looking for a quiet hole-in-the-wall to work on the book they are writing? When you have the establishing roots of a franchise, you can customize the flavor of your shop and the atmosphere to be exactly what your customers need.

Benefit No. 6 (and a warning:) Bagels are a challenge.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: bagels are a challenge. The question is: are you up for it? The most passionate bagel lovers will tell you first: the best bagel is a fresh bagel, which means the best bagel shops will make fresh bagels Every. Single. Day. The bagel industry is a hard life, with few days off and lots of criticism if you get it wrong. However, the rewards of seeing happy customers and sold out shelves is worth it, over and over. But before you dive in head first, make sure you have the support and stamina necessary to take on the challenge that is the world of bagels.

Benefit No. 7: Franchises have built-in support systems.

Franchises offer support and guidance that doesn’t come with Independent shops. At first, you may balk at the oversight that comes with heirarchy — no one likes jumping through hoops to get things accomplished. However, the support, guidance, and shared responsibility of a franchise can help ensure success and may provide an infrastructure of strategy that would not have been there if you were on your own. Trust us, bagel franchising is worth the effort, and a better return on your investment is almost guaranteed.

Hopefully these tips and benefits are just what you need to take the next step in your bagel franchising journey. Bagels are not for the faint of heart, but the best adventures aren’t the best because they are easy, but because they are rewarding. No matter what step you are on in your journey to understanding the benefits of owning a bagel franchise, we wish you great luck and success wherever you may be.

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